Are Insiders Secretly Loading Up on Bitcoin?

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Crypto Fear & Greed Index

The Future of the Grayscale Trust

Bitcoin’s 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

Bitcoin’s 2019 Price Run Driven By Real Transaction Growth, Analysis Shows

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49 thoughts on “Are Insiders Secretly Loading Up on Bitcoin?”

  1. Smart money moved btc price from 4k to 5.8k followed by a crowd push to 8k, or the reverse, after the crowd push the price to 5.8k smart money jumped in pushing it to 8k+. Not even smart money was brave enough to jump when the price was 3k, if they did, they would have pushed the price to 6k at that time, if the price slowly hit 4k is because there was few SM in the scene at that time.

  2. Btw, fear and greed kind of indexes sucks, do a research on Google and you will see that a buy on fear / sell on greed strategy is not effective against other std investing / trading strategies.

  3. The whales are still in full control of this market. They dump a lot of BTC and then the public buys the price back up again for them because nobody likes to be still bearish after such a long time. Sentiment is so positive that it might actually be true because of this. Nobody would have thought the BTC price would be around 8-9k at this point. It all started with a 1000$ increase in just an hour or less. That was the signal that everybody decided that the bear market was over. And if enough people think that, it increases the chances of it actually happening. 8k for a Bitcoin is really expensive for 1 BTC at this point but in the big picture still a good buy. My only advice for investors and newbIes is to take advantage of Mr Rupica’s program, a pro trader who’s is helping investors accumulate more bitcoin through his amazing trading strategy, with his program I went from having 2.7btc to 9btc in just 3wks. You can reach him on rupicapuri05@gmail. com or Telegram @rupicapuri.

  4. @Altcoin Daily. you buying LTC. LTC is a good alternative for BTC but LTC is alot lower in price than BTC so could LTC maby gain 50-70$ more in price in 1month or more?

  5. It is a little difficult to define what a "crypto insider" actually is. There are many insiders in terms of technology know-how, but they don't have the money. Also, what do insiders know what other folks don't? It is all out there in the open. The so-called "insiders" may just be experienced large-scale investors with no special edge over retail folks besides much more patience and discipline.

  6. Love your channel. I am here every day. Just wanted to bounce something off you. I do believe that Bitcoin will someday be the world currency, however the fraction of Bitcoin which is called Satoshi could make the new world currency sound Japanese. I have no problem with it but wonder if it would be difficult for Worldwide adoption. Perhaps something like Bitcent or maybe another better suggestion. Just my 2 cents. Also hope I don't offend any anyone.

  7. Not true – there is a ETF in Europe since 2017 -XBT Provider go check their website. You can also buy this is in the USA but it cannot be advertised. You need a US broker who can trade on the Swedish stock market. Too USA centric.

  8. Buying in bull markets subsidizes whales. At that whales will slyly take your subsidy once your subsidy has driven the fiat price up to a profit that will satisfy those cunning speculators.

  9. to a degree… Im a bitcoin maximalist, and don't own any Litecoin, but i will tell you this… Litecoin will probably surpass btc in the bullrun after the next! reason being is that the only thing keeping btc afloat is the brand, first world advantage (oldest block-chain), and it being the major on ramp trading pair for crypto. when btc gets to around 100k in value, and the daily transactions go up, the transaction fee's are going to get high! remember what happened in the last bullrun. i love bitcoin but its just not scalable, and the fundamental tech is too old! people are going to need a lower/near zero fee transactions, and crypto that moves faster than 10 minute blocks! the lightning network is unrealistic and will not solve the scaling issue for bitcoin. we need truly on-chain functionality for btc to scale… not over-laying tech. litecoin is the perfect candidate for the official crypto reserve, especially if/when they add privacy! the best current fast/reliable/private/cheap transaction coin is Pivx (dash fork), monero, and Vertcoin (litecoin fork with privacy).

    buy a bunch of those 3, hodl, and have a seat 🙂

  10. IF Bitcoin will reach $50,000 or $100,000 or even $1,000,000, worrying today about whether there's Greed or Fear in the market is like waiting for it to rain when it's blue and the forecast is for clear skies for the next month. If the predictions of where Bitcoin's price might be a few years down the road holds true, then buying anything below $10,000 would be a gift. Why be concerned about the greed/fear index, unless you want to time the market. And we all know how folks are at that game in the stock market.

  11. I have a theory that with professional institutional investors entering the market, price rise will be slow and steady, no wild swings as in the past, if there’s an upswing they’ll be taking profits, remember most managed funds are happy with 10% growth per annum, a 1-2% rise will result in them
    selling and probably exiting the market altogether, happy with their 2% gain, and then they’re out hunting for the next stock or bond into which to place their funds

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