Remembering Bitcoin's Value Proposition During Bear Markets

Short video explaining the value proposition for Bitcoin as a store of value.

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25 thoughts on “Remembering Bitcoin's Value Proposition During Bear Markets”

  1. Jimmy I dont want to tell you what to do. But you have such an amazing outro I really think you should use it properly. It sounds a lot better like:thats it for this video, thank you for watching, my name is jimmy song, and this song……is done. Obviously you could varry it but saying your name also helps you to burn it in the memories of your new viewers and sounds a lot better with your catchphrase. What you think

  2. I wonder what your thoughts on ICO's of good quality like DAOstack for decentralized governance and fr8network for freight logistics? I know everyone hates all the ICO's entering the market but a little healthy competition will be perfect for outstanding projects.

  3. Just here gauging sentiment. Lots of salty comments in this section.
    Not sure if I agree with Jimmy on this, but I dont see him as having any malicious intent.
    Sounds like we are somewhere between Denial, Fear, Panic emotions in the market.

  4. The long term proposition is zero.

    It’s so called store of value is wasted electrical energy. If it was used as a currency, it would have broke a long time ago. It’s too costly, too slow and it does not scale.

    It’s intrinsic value is negative.

    It’s nothing more than a data base that wastes a lot of energy verifying a transaction. As is validation of a transaction is worth thousands of dollars.

  5. Wise words Jimmy, let's get back to work, let's get back to our lives. There are turbulent waters that lie ahead, and we need to prepare ourselves for that, for example by purchasing some Bitcoin at a good price point, and maybe also some gold & silver. Learn how to store it safely, outside the system.

  6. If you bought BTC at 10k, u are down 40% ….that is not store of value. I respect you as a programmer but you need to take some economy classes and understand what store of value is. BTC and all of crypto at this point is a speculative instrument and nothing more.

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