27 thoughts on “The Deadly Bitcoin Mistake You Are Probably Making”

  1. I am going back and watching all your videos from last year. Thank you for the great lessons. I feel more confident and better prepared for the next bull cycle. Much appreciated Alessio

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  3. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are a scam. Its a high tech Ponzi scheme just like the Bernard Maddoff scam. Another form of 'get rich quick schemes' in the digital age. Its a ticking time bomb. Tic tac tic tac…

  4. The serge in bitcoin occurs when people are told to buy bitcoin. People will do what they are told to do; they don't have a choice. They think they do. I don't know when to buy bitcoin: I am not in control of what information people  receive. When they want you to buy bitcoin, that is the worst time to buy it. The best time to buy bitcoin: when they buy it, you ought to too. Who is they. I will never know. That information is beyond my pay grade.

  5. what an enormous number of words used to say a couple things. What I got from this is basically "In case you didn't know, Google Trends exists. Also, buy low sell high."

  6. Hi Mr Alessio, you raising an interesting point regarding a google trends as an additional indicator.. I personally believe it can be used as extra validating point for an entry. So thumbs up for the info!
    I find strange all the haters of your video.. it's like they just sitting there and waiting to drop some "shit" regardless of the info you provide.. so pathetic.. PLEASE continue doing your great videos!

  7. that is true only if you're anticipating bitcoin to go up in value. and it's easy explain what happened with charts that already showed what happened. You don't have a projected chart for the next few days right? And with those charts you've shown, which one came first? the actual buying in the market? or the interest of buying? because you could lose money if you're interested to buy, on a market that's selling. It could be google analytics chart is just a reflection of interest to buy caused by factors like social- media. so I don't see how this becomes useful.

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